Showing more content and user records in Drupal

02 Jan 2013

Posted by Darrell
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Another hack I typically do is I change the number of records that appear under the listing of Content and Users in the node and user modules to show 1000 records instead of 50.
D7.22 line 493 of modules/node/
change to be: ->limit(1000)
You will also need to edit your php.ini file, and set max_input_vars = 2000
or larger, to accommodate bulk deleting of records. If you aren't able to edit this because of shared hosting or otherwise, I'd suggest you find out what this value is on your server using phpinfo() or /admin/status/reports/php and then set the number inside limit to be just under this value.
You can do the same thing on line 184 of modules/user/

An even better way to achieve this effect is to install the Administration Views module and edit the views to have the desired number of rows appear.

For Drupal 6.28, you can fix this by changing the occurrences of the number 50 to 1000 in modules/node/ and modules/user/, there are 2 or 3 of them to change.